About ZenYala


Zen is a Japenese term meaning a total state of focus. Zen is a way of being and a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusions and seeing things without distortion created by our own thoughts.


Yala is Aramaic in origin (Yallah) and is used in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish as ‘let’s get going’ and usually meaning ‘hurry up’. It reflects urgency, results, and working with purpose.

Together, they form our mission: Maintain Control, Structure, and Proficiency. We insist that meetings should be illuminating experiences, and never vague or repetitive.
Let’s reach a ZenYala enlightenment together.

Today over 5000 users manage more than
20,000 meetings per year.

Customers have reported an
85% increase in meeting efficiency
and a 56% increase in overall

2016 winner of the prestigious
RedDot Award for UI/UX.

In 2017 Global Headquarters
established in Austin, TX.