Run effective meetings and get better outcomes.

Meetings are an investment in time and resources, and most are inefficient.

ZenYala allows you to spend more time in your focus area and less time preparing for and attending meetings.

ZenYala allows you to have the greatest return on each meeting’s investment by eliminating ineffective verbal status reports and focusing meetings on resolving issues and decision-making. On average, executives spend 23 hours every week in meetings.
We are here to make meetings work – one meeting at a time!

Reducing time wasted before and during meetings and using it on productive activities.

ZenYala customers reported that they cut their preparation time in half and improved their meeting efficiency by up to 85%.


Improving quality of decisions.

”Now we can see what decisions are expected to be made in a meeting, and participants can focus on their contributions to proposed decisions” – ZenYala customer


Increased follow up on actions and execution.

45% of ZenYala customers reported an increase in action item follow up.


Improves organizational memory and contextual history.

“By keeping a repository of decisions, supporting documents, discussions and executed actions, our management team has the prospect of context – allowing them to design forward-looking plans” – ZenYala customer

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